Vol 17, No 6 (2015)


The results of the research on cimicifuga extract impact in systematic and local use on structural and functional skin rates in perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause

Yutskovskaya Y.A., Sukhanova A.S.


Results of studying of efficiency and safety of the combination of medicine Ci-Clim and cosmetic product Ci-Clim (JSC EVALAR, Russia), containing extract of cimicifuga racemosa, for the purpose of correction of structural and functional changes of skin of women in the perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal period are presented. Materials and methods. Under supervision there were 15 women aged from 41 till 56 years, who had any signs of a climacteric syndrome. Research of the morphologic and functional skin characteristics (including measurement of thickness of derma and epidermis by means of ultrasound, the characteristic of structure, humidity, elasticity and visual appearance of skin), and also an assessment of quality of life by means of SF-36 questionnaire was conducted. Patients were treated with combination of medicine Ci-Clim 1 tablet 2 times per day during meal within 12 months, and cosmetic product Ci-Clim on the face (1 ml 2 times a day) daily within 12 months. Repeated visits were performed monthly, an assessment of the morphological and functional properties of the skin were done at 6 and 12 months.Results. Significant reduction of thickness of epidermis and increase in thickness of derma, and also increase of skin humidity and elasticity were noted at 6 and 12 months. Visual characteristics of skin improved. Quality of life of postmenopausal women improved as well as the skin characteristics. Conclusion. Application of the combination of medicine Ci-Clim and cosmetic product Ci-Clim, containing herbal extracts is highly effective, safe and well tolerated drug that allows to achieve effect in treatment of involutional changes of skin, improving an emotional state and quality of life of women.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):4-10
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Opportunities to overcome the negative effects of menopause syndrome

Totchiev G.F., Kotikova N.P.


The purpose of research was to study the significance of the levels of inhibin B, folliclestimulating hormone (FSH) and anti-muller hormone (AMH) as a prognostic marker hormones vasomotor disturbances of climacteric syndrome and the effectiveness of the appointment of menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) for the treatment and prevention of these disorders.Materials and methods. The study included 90 women aged 45 to 55 years old, appealed for outpatient care in connection with the tides and menstrual irregularities different nature. We studied the functional state of ovaries and ovarian reserve with endocrine markers.Results. The effective use of the complex endocrine markers "inhibin B, FSH and AMH" to predict the potential of menopausal disorders.Conclusion. Efficiency of prophylactic MGT premenopausal patients is rated and discussed.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):11-13
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Evaluation of menopausal disorders in women with different levels of bone mineral density

Zakharov I.S.


The publication presents an assessment of the severity of menopausal disorders in women with different levels of bone mineral density (BMD). The study included 96 women in early postmenopausal women who underwent dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Evaluation of menopausal disorders was carried out on the basis of international menopausal scale. Based on the work conducted by an association between BMD of lumbar vertebrae and overall assessment of menopausal disorders. Also there was a correlation with markers of oxidative stress level of the BMD and the severity of menopausal syndrome.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):14-16
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Clinical and endocrine characteristics of the menstrual cycle of women

Ilyasova N.A., Burlev V.A.


The literature data is systematization and presentation of the most relevant factors and mechanisms in clinical and hormonal characteristics of the menstrual cycle during a natural transition to menopause. The emergence of luteal out-of-phase LOOP event is a consequence of cyclic stimulation preantral follicles that become sensitive to stimulationof follicle-stimulating hormone in certain intervals of the menstrual cycle. These intervals describe as reflexive waves that occur within one menstrual period in women menopausal transition. The LOOP phenomenon explains the nature of variable endocrine changes during the transition to menopause.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):17-21
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Blood loss in obstetrics: the main stages of assistance

Kulikov A.V., Schifman E.M., Belomestnov S.R., Zhilin A.V., Matkovskiy A.A., Bykov A.S., Ababkov S.G.


The article highlights the main stages of care for massive blood loss in obstetrics: the organization, risk assessment, prevention, damage control principle, the principle of control resuscitation, control of hemostasis and reaching the goal of treatment. The material is based on the latest achievements in the treatment of massive blood loss in obstetrics and real five-year practice of the Regional Perinatal Center in Yekaterinburg. Implementation phases of care for obstetric hemorrhage will allow to reduce the adverse consequences of this complication and to ensure organ-tactics.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):22-26
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Vitamins and minerals: importance of use during pregnancy

Sokur T.N., Dubrovina N.V.


The article highlights the issues of security of pregnant women and nursing mothers in using vitamins and minerals, and their impact on quality of life and health of the newborn. It also reflects modern views on the problem in our country concerningthe use of vitamin and mineral complexes for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):27-31
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Chromium, selenium, molybdenum: nutritional importance in support of pregnancy

Gromova O.A., Torshin I.Y., Serov V.N., Grishina T.R., Tetruashvily N.K.


Pregnancy is the special female condition. During this period, you are obliged to take care of yourself, your health, your food and drink and medications you use. It is during this period when major changes occur as well as the needs of women themselves - in fact they should supply the body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals not only themselves, but also the unborn child. Recently, of particular importance in the physiological support of pregnancy are micronutrients such as chromium, selenium and molybdenum. Chromium normalizes metabolism of sugars, prevents formation of insulin resistance, has immunomodulatory and anti-hyperlipidemic action. Molybdenum is needed for the prevention of anemia in pregnant women and the formation of congenital malformations in the fetus. Selenium is essential for nutritional periconceptual support, prevention of disorders of lipid metabolism and cholestasis, and is essential for the functioning of the thyroid gland.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):32-36
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Possibilities of treating dysmenorrhea

Krotin P.N., Kirilenko O.V.


We studied the use of the drug Menalgin in 52 patients aged 13 to 28 years in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea in women without organic pathology of the pelvic organs. The drug showed high analgesic efficacy and reduction of the need for other pain medications. The positive effect on psycho-emotional status and health of patients was also noted.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):37-40
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The microbiological efficacy on the basis of hyaluronidase in patients with chronic endometritis and uterine myoma

Troshina N.A., Dolgushin I.I., Dolgushina V.F., Bakhareva L.I., Kurnosenko I.V., Nadvikova T.V.


The goal of our study was to evaluate the effectiveness of microbilogical use of Longidaza in the treatment of active nonspecific endometritis in women with uterine myoma. By a random sample they were divided into two groups of women. The first comprised patients with active chronic endometritis were treated with standard causal antibiotic therapy. The second group included patients, who had an additional Longidaza to standard therapy. It was found that the women surveyed both in the first and second groups predominantly found non plasmacoagulating staphylococci, enterococci and anaerobes. Application of Longidaza in combination with antibiotic therapy leads to a significant improvement in most of the microbial landscape of the cervical canal and uterine cavity, which is confirmed by microbiological methods of investigation.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):42-44
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Modern trends in the prevention of cervical cancer using screening programs (review)

Dubrovina S.O.


Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women worldwide. Preventing all cancer by screening is unrealistic. But clinicians need reviews given the information regarding new cervical cancer prevention methods. Modern screening strategies recommend cytology and cotesting. Vaccination against high-risk HPV infection decreases incidence of cervical cancer.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):46-50
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Vulvovaginitis. Treatment with the use of complex preparations for topical application

Prilepskaya V.N., Mezhevitinova E.A., Khlebkova Y.S., Zarubina E.N.


Inflammatory diseases of lower genital tract hold a leading place in the structure of gynecological diseases (60-65%) and are one of the most frequent reasons for resorting to the gynecologist. Vulvovaginitis tends to have steady growth, frequent recurrence, and is difficult to treat. The management of patients with infectious processes is of enormous importance as to the choice of method of therapy, especially in mixed infections. Local preparations of complex action took first place in the list of appointments of obstetricians and gynecologists in the category G01A “Antiseptics and antimicrobials for the treatment of gynecological diseases”. One of these drugs is called Terzhinan. A wide range of action of the drug provides the possibility of starting it as an empirical therapy and treatment if vulvocervicovaginitis in mixed infections of the lower genital tract.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):52-55
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Human papillomavirus infection: the efficacy of treatment with inosine pranobex

Budanov P.V., Churganova A.A., Bakhtiyarov K.R., Strizhakov A.N.


The high frequency of the spread of human papillomavirus and a high risk of recurrence associated diseases require the search for effective therapies. The analysis of quality clinical trials showed data on the efficacy, tolerability of treatment. Our study demonstrates higher efficiency destructive methods in conjunction with the system using Isoprinosine. Even Isoprinosine mono therapy's efficiency reaches 68%.
Gynecology. 2015;17(6):56-59
pages 56-59 views

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