Vol 15, No 1 (2013)


Reproductive health and chlamydial infection (clinical lecture)

Prilepskaya V.N., Dovletkhanova E.R.


Chlamydial infection in women may result in some complications, among which the most serious complications are pelvic inflammatory diseases, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. The highly sensitive diagnostic methods allow to detect timely pathogen and then select treatment scheme with optimal drug choice which may decrease probability of complications.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):4-7
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Particularities of clinical manifestations of infectious inflammatory process in women with uncomplicated and complicated pregnancy course

Skryabina V.V.


The peculiarities of the clinical symptoms of the inflammatory process in women with physiological and complicated course of pregnancy. It is shown that in the physiological course of pregnancy act of infectious agents and endogenous intoxication leads to the anatomical lesions only the placenta, and when complicated course to the defeat of the placenta, the formation of functional disorders (threat of termination of pregnancy, hypoxia and delays in the development of the newborn) and organic changes (congenital malformations and fetopatiy) in the child.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):8-12
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Empiric antibiotic treatment of lesser pelvis inflammatory diseases at the hospital stage

Eliseeva E.V., Torgovitskaya I.P., Tyrtyshnikova A.V., Feoktistova Y.V., Poddubny E.A., Grekhneva L.M.


Acute salpingo-oophoritis treatment is based on the general principles of infectious pathology management and implies appropriate antibacterial therapy, which is often empiric. Meanwhile, though a number of new antibacterial medicines have appeared lately, it has not contributed to a reduction of the frequency of lesser pelvis inflammatory diseases, which may result in female patients\' childbearing potential reduction. That is why analysing the efficacy and safety of the applied empiric antibiotic treatment regimens remains relevant. The results of the empiric antibiotic treatment of lesser pelvis inflammatory diseases at the hospital stage have been analysed. The data obtained indicate that the efficacy of the compared regimens which include ceftriaxone/cefotaxime in combination with doxycycline is the same. Moreover, it has been found that if the regimen is supplemented with a step application of ornidazole, clinical implications of the inflammatory process are characterised by a more apparent dynamics of regression, than if metronidazole is applied. The group of patients who received ornidazole was observed to show a higher tolerability of the antibacterial therapy than the metronidazole group.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):12-17
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Relevance of treatment of bacterial vaginosis for prophylaxis of obstetric complications

Tkachenko L.V., Skladanovskaya T.V.


Disorders of microbiocenosis of the genital tract significantly increase risk of obstetric complications in delivery and postpartum period. The article presents feasibility of treatment of bacterial vaginosis in complex of prenatal preparation
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):18-21
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Contraceptives with folate – new possibilities for prophylaxis of fetal congenital abnormalities

Prilepskaya V.N., Ivanova E.I., Bostandjan L.L.


Neural tube defects (NTD) are a group of fetal congenital abnormalities which are formed in the first weeks of embryonal development. NTDs are formed when neural tube is not fully closed for the first 28 days after conception, i.e when a woman does not already know that she is pregnant. It is proven that risk of NTD is reduced with increase of folate concentration in blood. Recently, two new combined oral contraceptives wit folates. The main aim of the development – prophylaxis of fetal congenital abnormalities which is provided with increased level of folates in organism of women of reproductive age when contraceptives are taken and withdrawn, due to contraceptives enriched with folates. Folates which are contained in combined oral contraceptives with folate, reduce NTD risk if a woman gets pregnant while taking the drug or soon after the drug withdrawal.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):22-24
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Vaginal candidosis: the place of butоconazol in pharmacotherapy

Bogdanova G.S., Zaidieva Z.S., Zayakin V.A.


Vaginal candidosis is very common disease. To assess butоconazol therapeutical efficacy in treatment of chronic vaginal candidosis 58 patients in age of 22–48 years were examined. Inclusion criteria were: presence of history of 4 or more episodes of vaginal candidosis in an year, absence of sexually transmitted infections at the moment of examination. All patients were assigned to butоconazol (Ginofort) for vaginal administration. The results demonstrated high clinical and microbiological efficacy of butоconazol in chronic vaginal candidosis treatment.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):32-34
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M-cholinolytics and prescription of therapy in urge syndrome

Danilov V.V., Luchinsky S.A., Danilov V.V., Volnych I.Y., Danilov V.V.


The analysis of 220 cases of long-term management of patients with overactive bladder syndrome which took M-cholinolytics showed that some patients had pain syndrome above the inguinal region (approximately 8%) which was resolved after drug withdrawal. Based on neurophysiological model, the original hypothesis of such adverse effects was presented which was based on double effects of autonomic agent – detrusor and concomitantly vascular tone of pelvic organs. The comparison of various drug products from group of M-cholinolytics showed that tertiary amines significantly more frequently resulted in such adverse effect than trospium chloride related to quaternary amines. As far the developed model was concerned, the phenomenon was explained by mode of action of antimuscarinic agents
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):34-37
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Efficiency vitro fertilization program based medical-social indicators and seasonal factor

Medyannikova I.V., Makarkina L.G., Koveshnikova T.V., Svorova M.S., Erisova Y.V.


As part of a cohort prospective study «Diagnosis and treatment of coagulopathies in pregnant women with complications of gestational period» (the Russian President Grant MK-163.2011.7), the territory of Omsk, Siberian Federal District, conducted a retrospective analysis of 113 treatment programs for infertility by in vitro fertilization and subsequent transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity women (IVF and ET). In the study of health and social care settings patients showed a reduction in the effectiveness of treatment cycles among patients with secondary absolute tubal infertility. Age, duration of infertility and number of previous IVF procedures of ineffective were not associated with the results of the treatment. The most favorable period for the IVF procedure, the study area is the summer-autumn season
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):37-41
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Particularities of pregnancy course and delivery in women with induced pregnancy

Tokova Z.Z., Baranov I.I., Kalinina E.A., Miheeva G.I.


A summary of the purpose of the study. Definition of the percentage of pregnant women with infertility in anamnesis and peculiarities of their pregnancy and childbirth. Materials and methods. The retrospective clinical and statistical analysis of 171 individual cards of the pregnant and new mothers, including 67 cases of infertility in anamnesis, a study (study group) and 104 cases without infertility in anamnesis, sampling (control group) among pregnant women\'s consultation no. 1112 1 city of Moscow in 2011. Draws on Rosstat\'s official statistics, the city of Moscow. Results of the study. In the studied group of primary infertility have 55,2% of couples, secondary – 44,8%. Duration of primary infertility is 5,2±1,1; 3,7±1,0 second-years. The 16,4% of cases of male factor infertility was 77,7%, female factors, 5.9% are not listed. On the method of achieving pregnancy, women accounted for 2 groups: IVF/ICSI-43, 3%, spontaneously – 56, 7%. By 37,3% of women were in
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):42-48
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Clinical case of pregnancy maintained with infrequent complication after IVF

Sinchikhin S.P., Magakyan O.G., Magakyan S.G., Mamiev O.B.


The article presents a unique clinical case of pregnancy combined with full tortion of hyperstimulated ovary after in vitro fertilization. The clinical, laboratory and instrumental data after laparoscopic detorsion are provided. We recorded favorable outcome in pregnant woman after detorsion of ovarian tumor and modern anti-thrombotic and sparing therapy
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):48-50
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Safety treatment and prevention of the progression of combined benign hyperplasia of majority female hormone-dependent tissues (review)

Tikhomirov A.L., Bataeva A.E.


There is a correlation between benign proliferative processes and the different disorders in the neuroendocrine and reproductive systems. Hyperestrogenia can cause hyperplasia of the mammary glands and endometrial hyperplasia. Along with traditional hormone therapy, phytotherapy can be used as a single agent, in order to ensure maximum safety and comfort for the patient. The effectiveness of phytotherapy can be as high as 40–87%. Main clinical manifestations are: the rapid removal of pain, regression of benign hyperplastic changes, improvement in mental status and the removal of neurovegetative disorders, normalization of menstrual function.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):52-55
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Optimization of surgical treatment of patients with hysteromyoma in reproductive period

Ozolinya L.A., Lapina I.A.


Patients of reproductive age with myomectomy often have massive adhesive process which, as a rule, results in decreased reproductive function. We have examined hemostatic and anti-adhesive activity of product Tachocomb (Nycomed as part of Takeda, Austria) which was intraoperatively administered with excision of myomatous nodes of various localization. The obtained results have allowed to make a conclusion of good efficacy and safety of the drug product
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):56-59
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Postabortal rehabilitation – aspects of the problem: possibilities of combined oral contraceptives

Khamoshina M.B., Savelyeva I.S., Zorina E.A., Tulupova M.S., Zulumyan T.N.


The article presents modern concepts of pharmacological possibilities to use combined oral contraceptives for prevention of various postabortal complications, rational approaches of their use in female patients in postabortal period. The results of studies on efficacy and safety of combined oral contraceptive containing chlormadinone are provided
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):60-63
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Vaginal dysbiosis and cervical pathology

Dovletkhanova E.R.


Vaginal mucous and cervical lesions are the most frequent primary manifestations of pelvic inflammatory diseases. Pelvic inflammatory diseases are closely related with disorders of vaginal biocoenosis – the system of biological protection of female organism. The disorders of vaginal microbiocenosis which are shown as deficiency of peroxide-producing lactic bacteria in vaginal microflora may be associated with inflammatory changes of cervical epithelium and be a cofactor of various disorders, including cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN).
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):63-65
pages 63-65 views

Prophylaxis and treatment of congestion in pregnant women

Sokolova M.Y.


Congestion is one of the most actual problems of modern society. It is known that every second person suffers from congestion in developed counties of the world, hereby women – almost 2 times more frequently in comparison with men. One of the factors which promote congestions is pregnancy and postpartum period. Almost all gynecologists and 50% of pregnant women are aware of the problem. Colon dyskinesia is detected in 115 from 200 pregnant women. Such large rates of the disorder in pregnant women are associated with physiological shifts in digestive system and alterations of its regulation throughout gestation period. The regular nutrition and adequate physical activity play the main role in prevention of congestions during pregnancy. The awareness of women of rational approaches to congestion therapy is also rather important.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):66-70
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Cholelithiasis in women: particularities of pathogenesis, treatment approaches (literature review and the first experience with own findings)

Uspenskaya Y.B., Kuznetsova I.V.


The data presented in the article show the relationship between female sex hormones and biliary pathology. The first experience with own findings shows the efficacy of products of ursodeoxycholic acid in combination with cholekinetics or spasmolytics for treatment and prevention of biliary sludge during therapy with female sex hormone products.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):70-75
pages 70-75 views

Uroflowmetry voiding dysfunction in women

Makhmedzhanova F.N.


This paper shows the potential of uroflowmetry to determine the status of urination, such as verification of violations, non-specific control of the dynamics of the pathological process and the efficacy of medical and/or surgical treatmen.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):76-78
pages 76-78 views

Gender aspects of prevention and screening for colorectal cancer in women

Uspenskaya Y.B., Kuznetsova I.V.


The article presents a review of current data on the features of the etiology and pathogenesis of colorectal cancer in peri - and postmenopausal women. Discusses the protective role of female sex hormones against colon cancer. Set out the principles of prevention and screening for colorectal cancer in women in the peri - and postmenopausal women.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):80-84
pages 80-84 views

World-wide experience of pyridoxine use: experimental and clinical base for use in obstetric-gynecologic practice

Gromova O.A., Serov V.N., Kerimkulova N.V., Torshin I.U., Limanova O.A., Nikiforova N.V.


Various forms of vitamin В6 (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxal phosphate) are endogenous co-factors of over 100 enzymes in human organism. The impact of pyrodoxine and other forms of vitamin В6 on such enzymes mediates the vitamin involvement in a wide range of metabolic processes. Vitamin В6 is also pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic magnesium synergist. Up to the present moment, the databases of scientific publications in biomedicine contain over 10000 studies in molecular, experimental and clinical effects of pyridoxine and other vitamers В6. In the present study, the systematic analysis of large set of publications was made on the basis of modern algorithms of search of scientific information. The available evidential base suggests that the use of pyridoxine products in combination with magnesium is prospective for support of liver function, preserved bone structure, reduced inflammation, oncoprotection, depression and premenstrual syndrome, as well as prophylaxis of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. The studies have shown that pyridoxine is rather safe both in general and obstetric-gynecologic practice.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):85-92
pages 85-92 views

Possibilities of early treatment and prophylaxis of papillomavirus infection

Prilepskaya V.N., Novikova E.P.


Isoprinosine is included to European standards of patient management with papillomavirus infection. The double antiviral drug action consists in inhibition of enzyme dihydropteroate synthetase which is involved in viral replication and suppression of viral protein production due to changes of stereochemical structure of the cell ribosome. The article presents aspects of prophylaxis of cervical cancer and modern approaches of treatment methods for papillomavirus infection.
Gynecology. 2013;15(1):94-97
pages 94-97 views

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